Equity Compensation
For Tech Employees

What you don't know about equity compensation could cost you millions of dollars. Learn valuable lessons from experienced employees and financial experts!

What Will You Get From This Book?

Discover answers to the questions you have, and the ones you didn't know to ask. Maximize the value of your equity compensation by managing it wisely.

Know What to Ask

Financial advisors and accountants are great resources. Know what to ask them to make the most of your conversations.

Learn From Data

Simulations and case studies show how different strategies have performed in the past. Decide the best way to manage your equity.

Protect Your Investment

You work hard to earn equity compensation. Find ways to save money and grow your investment wisely.

What's Included


  • Understand the details of equity compensation
  • Know how to evaluate an equity offer
  • Navigate liquidity events successfully
  • Learn from recent case studies
  • Choose your financial goals
  • Manage your investment over time
  • Prepare for the future

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who works in the tech industry should read this book. Equity is a major part of your compensation, but don't discuss it openly. Learn what you have been missing.

Software Developers and Engineers

Learn how to maximize the value of your equity

Data Scientists

Analyze how different investment strategies have performed

Product Managers

Manage your investments wisely

Product Designers

Ask thoughtful questions about your financial goals

Tech Leaders

Think about how best to compensate your team members

Book Reviews

See what readers are saying
"I wish I'd had this book when I got my first job with stock options as an engineer. So much of the conversation around equity is treated like lottery tickets which I found overwhelming and stressful. Equity Compensation for Tech Employees demystifies equity with context and helpful frameworks to think about using this form of compensation to your benefit."
Stuart Urback
Software Engineer, Guild Education
"Matt's book deeply explained the most important part of compensation, equity. The book inspired me. I would have benefitted from its perspective if I could have read it earlier. It is a must-have book for everyone who already works or plans to work in tech companies."
Luyao Wu
Software Engineer, Bloomberg
"This is the most approachable, thoughtful, and comprehensive book on equity compensation that I've read. If you've ever been confused on any aspect of RSUs, stock options, or the myriad of other forms of equity, this book will guide you through all the details in plain language. I consider this essential reading for anyone that wants to optimize their decision making skills and understanding of equity compensation."
Brandon Moore
Senior Software Development Engineer, Highspot
"Equity Compensation for Tech Employees is essential reading for anyone in the Startup world playing the equity game. If you know how to play, the options are tremendous. If you're figuring it out as you go along, it's going to cost you, probably a lot. If you have option grants, do yourself a favor, get this book, read it and take notes."
Andrew Meyer

About The Author

Matt Dickenson wrote this book for employees throughout the tech industry. He has worked for early-stage startups and was an employee at Uber during its IPO. He is currently a software engineer at a financial technology company. These experiences, combined with his research into financial planning, inform recommendations that will help you make the most of your equity award. This is his second book.